A big item this morning on the radio about the women’s ski-jump, a new event at Sochi. The Russian coach was quoted as saying that women should not ski-jump as they are better suited biologically to other things, like cooking and bringing up babies. Bless those Russians and their crazy liberal views, eh?
But enough of such dangerous freethinking. Far more interesting was the American scientist who discussed the mechanics of ski-jumping and whether there are any reasons why men should be better at it than women. And the answer is, no, there isn’t. All the forward momentum is provided by the ramp (or, to be strictly accurate, by the screaming terrified descent of the ramp). Once in the air – get this – the suit is permeable, so air enters the front and slightly less air goes out the back, inflating the suit and effectively turning it into a sail. The lighter you are, the better, as you’ll fly further, so in fact women have a slight advantage over men.
To quote the scientist “You basically want to be a bag of bones in a suit.” On that basis, we really should be sending out Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. I for one would pay good money to see that and I’m sure a lot of other people would too.
Ps. Further to yesterday’s post, Jose didn’t get first go on the swings. It made him sad but he’s trying to be a brave boy about it.